Pavement Inspection and Evaluation

Engineering Plan Sheets Bridge Approach
Faulting Moving Slab

Pave Tech Imaging Collection Process

Pave Tech Imaging, LLC specializes in automatic data collection and processing for roadway and airport assets.  The expertise of our firm will ensure accurate, reliable, repeatable, and objective pavement condition data.  We provide up to date technology in data collection by using digital camera and digitized video images for analysis, technical guidance in the data collection, quality assurance reviews of the condition information, and overall project management of data collection.  This section highlights Pave Tech’s process for collecting and processing roadway asset condition data.

Data Collection of Pavement Condition

Knowledge regarding a pavement’s functional condition is fundamental to both network and project level studies.  Condition data is collected by automated means with the Pave Tech Digital Image Collection Vehicle.  On heavy traffic roadways such as the Client streets and highways, automated inspections are preferable because they are safer, faster, and do not interfere with traffic flow.

Digital Images Collection Van

Pave Tech Imaging has developed an Imaging Collection Van for Pavement Repair and Replacement Evaluation.  It is equipped with state-of-the art mechanics, lighting and computer technology.  The van’s capabilities create precise and accurate digital images for Engineering Plan Sheets.