Engineering Plan Sheet

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You are viewing a Plan Sheet, which can be created in either AutoCad or Microstation with length of 1,000 feet. The versatility of the Plan Sheet creation is a unique benefit. Each Plan Sheet will accommodate up to 1,000 feet length and two-lane width imagery. At the macro level, each pixel is collected at 2.25 millimeter. An enlarged panoramic view of 1,000 feet is best viewed on the workstation utilizing three LCD monitors where the two-lane detail can be closely analyzed while still at a macro level. The length and width of digital image less than 2 gigabytes open, is easiest to pan Real-time.



A Comprehensive view of one (1) Station (100 feet) on a Plan Sheet is amplified over the 20.1 inch 3 LCD monitors. At this viewing level the three LCD monitor provides extended view of possible distress features at 100 feet, two-lane intervals.

Plan Sheet View @ 2 Lanes Width
Again, a broken out view of each monitor allows closer examination of the two-lane tri-section of one Station. At the exact location of Station 2496, the depiction clearly reflects a slab with corner breakage and three slabs with longitudinal cracks.



Pixel Analysis Narration. Click to play.